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Welcome to the Combine


VARSITY BOOT CAMP: high-intensity athletic training 

CXF “BOUT CAMP”: on the bag and off the bag dynamic BOXING

SPIN: beat, performance, and vibe riding

RUN.ROW.REPS.: a brand new studio space designed for more intense, timed cardio intervals

The method is simple and efficient. The primary fundamentals of sport: speed and agility, power and explosiveness, strength and endurance, and balance and flexibility are the base of all programming. And every day ties in and compliments every other day. The purpose is to build weekly, highly trained, well-rounded, dynamic athletes: CXF PROS! No matter what class you come to on any particular day, the method is consistent and as follows: Monday focuses primarily on upper body, Tuesday on lower body, Wednesday on total body, Thursday on core, Friday on cardio/ sport performance, and Saturday is additional core. Whether you want strength training, sport conditioning, body toning, spin or additional forms of cardio, CXF is the place. 


Train hard. Game on.

Rebecca Kimball – Founder and CEO

As an elite personal trainer, sports conditioning specialist and group fitness instructor for more than 12 years, I have dreamed of a space where we can all unite as athletes, train as athletes and challenge ourselves as competitors, no matter initial ability. COMBINE-X Fitness is that space. My classes are intense and for many, intimidating, but they are crafted to build pros, to push and challenge limits. Whether it’s HIIT Muscle Up , Leg Burn, CORE-X or AP: Athletic Performance, every class is intentionally structured to focus on strength, power, agility, flexibility, endurance, stability and speed, the fundamentals of a well-built athlete.